The Crucible Club

Join the Crucible Club for tuition in the Western Esoteric Initiatory System as revealed by Marcus Katz.

In the early 1900’s, a club was formed for the private study of the mysteries. It was described as “… an important and attractive combination of forces to meet the demand of thinking people for genuine culture in spiritual science under the best auspices and on easy terms”

We have now restored this club to the modern age, and invite all serious applicants who seek to discover the magick of their life and reveal their true self.

Membership by Subscription Only.

Subscription to this one-year self-study course in the Western Mysteries is £15/month and includes exercises, discussions and material not found anywhere else. You also gain the connection and support of fellow students worldwide.

NOW WITH FREE CONCISE GUIDE (100 pages, illustrated) to the Western Esoteric Initiatory System for all Club Members.

Western Esoteric Initiatory System

We teach from the original papers of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Thelema, Alchemy, Kabbalah, Tarot and Western Ritual Magick, covering experiences as diverse as astral travel, divination, inner guide meditation work, the Tree of Life, lucid dreaming, mystical experience and spiritual development.

Students and the public may also discover the WEIS through the MAGISTER, an encylopedia of western esotericism, available in paperback (volume 0) and in three sections 1, 2 & 3 on Kindle.

We Invite You to Start Your Journey into Western Esotericism by Enrolling in the Crucible Club.